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AbleCommerce is an ecommerce framework built with, which delivers an easy to use shopping cart that is rich with feature, customisable, and very affordable for new or existing ecommerce websites

important features

AbleCommerce is the shopping cart of choice for many website owners for a number of reasons. It’s easy to build and manage a website using AbleCommerce. This is because this open source shopping cart has a pluggable modular or layered architecture. This architecture lets users dynamically add functionality and other components during run time.

AbleCommerce is also preferred by many users because it has a large number of plugins and themes that increase its functionality and allow you to customize it even more.

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited product levels
  • Discount options (a great way to increase sales quickly)
  • Coupon options (increase sales by offering customer coupons)
  • Inventory management system (know how many products you have left)
  • Report analysis (understand which products are the most profitable)
  • Order management (which lets you track and find any order or customer)
  • Digital delivery (lets you deal with eBooks, PDF’s, MP3’s)
  • Subscriptions (set up recurring billing for your customers)
  • Product reviews (a powerful feature for attracting more customers)

Does it help with search engine optimisation?

Able Commerce is built with search engines in mind.


As such, things such as title bars are customised and dynamically generated (created as searches are made) based on your instructions. This means you can optimise your website for your marketplace and key products in order to gain high rankings and free traffic.

Can Able Commerce be
customized to my needs?

With the right programming knowledge, it can certainly be customised to the specific needs that you require.


If you have specific needs that are not found in the default version of Able Commerce, then it can be made to fit your specific needs

Is it a secure way to accept payments online?

Yes – AbleCommerce is PCI Compliant AND PCI Certified.


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Our team of certified developers have a wealth of experience creating e-commerce solutions, ranging from small business e-commerce websites to complex e-commerce applications that integrate into third party systems.

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