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October 23, 2023

Hastie Services is the air conditioning and foodservices division of the Hastie Group. Hastie Services has a team of specialists and highly-qualified field technicians who can service air conditioning systems throughout Australia. They also provide support 24 hours 7 days a week, in the case of emergency services.

Data#3, the main IT contractor company of Hastie Services, commissioned CoSource to develop Hastie I-Service, a Microsoft SharePoint 2007 based web portal that allows Hastie Services customers to view information for each site in their portfolio, log service calls, view performance reports, and check on the status of any calls. Additionally, the system makes available a huge document library of thousands upon thousands of pieces of Hastie documentation related to any activity on the customers’ equipment. To achieve this, I-Service integrates data from three different Hastie Services systems.



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In Summary


Hastie Services



Business Problem

Customer Service was spending a lot of time on customer requests, as they needed to get information from multiple systems.


CoSource developed a custom portal using SharePoint and which interfaced into Hastie’s backend ERP system Pronto.


Reduced customer support requests, as Hastie’s clients could use the portal to find the information they needed.


Hastie Services required a self-service application that reduced the increasing customer service workload generated by clients requesting all kinds of information pertaining to the services given to their sites and equipment.

The key goals of the project were:

  • Make documents like quotes, service dockets, risk assessment documents, checklists and other available to customers in an organized and accessible way.
  • Allow customers to log service calls without assistance of a CS representative.
  • Allow customers to review, approve or reject service quotes without assistance of a CS representative.
  • Provide detailed history information about services and issues in each of the sites that Hastie Services supports.
  • Provide insight into customer activities and issues to Hastie representatives.


A custom ASP.NET 3.5 application that leverages MOSS document storage, indexing, search and security features to concentrate and present data from the PRONTO ERP system, Hastie Services quoting application and document files.


Some of the main components of the system are:

  • The document uploader, which maintains and updates the document libraries constantly, uploading and cataloguing new documents to the SharePoint document library in TIFF, PDF or DOC format as they are made available.
  • SSIS packages that updates to obtain the latest customer, site, equipment and service call information from PRONTO ERP.
  • A web service that updates the service call workflow by writing service call updates and new call information directly into the PRONTO ERP.
  • A module which integrates I-Service with Hastie Services’ maintenance quoting application and allows the customers to request, approve or reject the quotes.
  • A complex access and security schema which helps the customer locate the information he needs while keeping other customer’s data secured and away from sight.
  • Filterable drill down reports built with Telerik Reports, with PDF export ability.

CoSource developed the entirety of the project based upon the specifications and architecture laid out by Data#3, the main contractor company. The process involved constant communication with Data#3, meeting deadlines and affronting implementation challenges ranging to from a complete UI redesign, to important core architectural modifications triggered by new requests from the end customer which were implemented on time and to customer satisfaction.



  • Self-service application is more convenient for Hastie Services’ clients resulting in fewer customer service calls.
  • Customer satisfied by the increased transparency provided by permanent access to all of their documents online.
  • SharePoint document libraries and search allows locating documents in a second in a set of millions.
  • SharePoint provides enterprise class security and availability.
  • A dashboard with the most important information for Hastie Service managers.

Technologies Used

** MOSS 2007 ** ASP.NET 3.5 ** PRONTO APIs ** SQL Server ** Telerik UI ** LINQ to SQL **

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