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Opteon is a large collection of franchises that do property valuation across Australia. Prior to the 1st of July 2011, Opteon Sydney was known as Addisions Valuations.

The online web application allows for the management of property valuations. Additional Features include:

  • Integrating into MYOB
  • Producing PDF Reports
  • Sending out SMS Reminders to valuation agents.
  • Excel Reporting



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In Summary


Opteon Sydney


Real Estate

Business Problem

Previous development company was slow, with poor communication.


Improved communication by regular onsite meetings,  and improved project management.


Turn around time for new features was greatly reduced, allowing Opteon to become one of the market leaders in property valuations. 


The application was originally developed by another development company based in Sydney. The management of Opteon were becoming frustrated with the lack of progress, and the poor communication with their previous Vendor.


By sitting down with the directors of Addisons, and talking about the current solution it quickly became apparent that the problem was due to the communication between themselves and their current vendor.

For every new feature request and bug fix there were lengthy emails going back and forth, which resulted in a lot of misunderstandings and re-works. Emails are not an affective medium for managing projects.

CoSource proposed that a developer work with them 2 days per week at their office. This achieved two things:

  • They could budget their costs.
  • The turnaround time for features and bug fixes was a lot quicker, as by working on site the communication barrier was removed.

Technologies Used

** ** SQL Server ** ASP PDF Compoenent ** MYOB **

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